Give The Gift of Flight and Find Your Niche

CFI & CFII & MEI Ratings

Find Your Niche in Professional Aviation

Career pilots can take several paths after earning their Commercial Pilot Rating. They can decide to give back, train on bigger planes, brave the backcountry, or all three. Ridgeline's instructors can help you achieve your goals, no matter the destination.

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI)

Flight instruction is also a gratifying career path. Better yet, becoming a certified flight instructor is many pilot’s first experience as a paid professional pilot. 

At Ridgeline Aviation, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that students can draw from to gain the skills necessary for safe and confident flight instruction. Ridgeline Aviation offers training for initial flight instructor (CFI), instrument instructor (CFII), and multi-engine instructor (MEI) certifications.

Earn Your Tailwheel Endorsement

Braving the brush isn't for the faint of heart. Tailwheel endorsement training allows you to conquer new challenges and enhance your skills with experience as a true stick and rudder pilot. 

The Ridgeline tailwheel course typically includes trips to various unpaved runways in the local area, immersing students in all the capabilities of a tailwheel aircraft.

Tailwheel Endorsement Requirements:
  • Hold a Pilot Certificate With a Single Engine Land Rating
  • Complete the Required Ground and Flight Training
  • Demonstrate Safe and Satisfactory Knowledge and Piloting Skill

Fly Larger Aircraft With a Multi-Engine Rating

Multi-engine aircraft offer several opportunities that single engines lack. Multi-Engine Ratings increase the weight capacity, speed of the planes you can fly—all with an emphasis on safety. 

Ridgeline aviation offers multi-engine training at all levels, from private pilot to multi-engine instructor using an economical training platform in conjunction with an FAA-approved aviation training devise. This allows us to offer high-quality instruction at an affordable price.

Included in Ridgeline's Multi-Engine Course
Ridgeline Aviation offers a multi-engine course with a timeline that can be adjusted on a per-student basis. Multi-engine courses typically run for 5 days, weather dependent. 

This course includes: 
  • Ground Preparation
  • Advanced Aviation Training Devise (AATD) Sessions 
  • Multi-Engine Flight Time Culminating in an Additional Class Rating Check Ride 

Utilizing the AATD allows our students to maximize their time becoming familiar with the operating characteristics of multi-engine aircraft—including checklists, cockpit layout, and handling—at a substantially reduced cost when compared across the nation. 

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