Tailwheel Training

Tailwheel Training

Tailwheel training is one of the greatest skill advancements a pilot can achieve. Once you master the tailwheel and rudder, your flights will be smoother and safer. From basic tailwheel principles to advanced crosswind techniques, our tailwheel instructors are eager to help you gain new skills and become a safer pilot.

Tailwheel Training will hone your stick-and-rudder skills while developing proper maneuvers for backcountry aviation opportunities such as backcountry airstrips, conventional-gear aircraft, and master three-point landings. Ridgeline Aviation has a Piper Super Cub and expert flight instructors ready to take to the mountains for your tailwheel training program.

Tailwheel aircraft are ideal for aerobatics and a flying experience unlike any other. Some of the instruction included is taxiing, normal and crosswind takeoffs, wheel landings, and go-around procedures. 

Once you are proficient in tailwheel aviation and earn an endorsement you will then be able to rent or own a tailwheel aircraft.

Reach out to the Ridgeline Aviation team today to learn more or sign up for your tailwheel training!