Multi Engine Rating

Multi-Engine Training

Ridgeline Aviation offers Multi-Engine Aircraft training in a modern Diamond DA-42. This aircraft has FADEC engine controls and is one of the most modern and safest twin training aircraft to ever fly. 

Expand your aviation skillset and abilities with a Multi-Engine training program from Ridgeline Aviation. Being able to fly a multi-engine aircraft gives you greater climb, cruise and performance than single engine aircrafts. 

This program will hone your planning and decisions-making skills with a focus on safety and emergency single-engine situations. Multi-engine aerodynamics are an entirely different experience compared to single-engine aircrafts.

An improperly trained pilot in a multi-engine aircraft can have disastrous outcomes. Ridgeline Aviation ensures every aircraft in our fleet is cared for and maintained to the highest standard and our aviation instructors are trained experts in safety and emergency protocols to guarantee you receive the best pilot’s training in the Rockies. 

For any pilot trying to advance, a multi-engine training with Ridgeline Aviation’s expert, certified instructors is sure to step up your flying skills in any aircraft. Sign up today or reach out to learn more about Ridgeline Aviation’s Multi-Engine Aircraft Training Program or any of our other flight school programs. 

Allow our instructors to help you reach new ratings today.