Expand Your Training

Specialty Training

Mountain Flying Courses

In a personalized mountain flying course, our specialized instructors will teach you the ins and outs of navigating intimidating terrain. Several of our pilots are qualified in "Low Level Mountainous Terrain" by the Department of Interior and pass their knowledge along to our team, creating a culture of backcountry wisdom.

High Performance Endorsements

Ridgeline is aware that many pilots will transition to high performance aircraft in their young careers. Whatever your reason, Ridgeline offers High Performance Aircraft training and Endorsements through their experienced instructor staff. 

Spin Training

Ridgeline is qualified and positioned with excellent Glass Cockpit Equipped Cessna 172's for Spin Endorsement training. If you are pursuing your instructor certificate, this is a requirement we are able to help you meet.

Model Specific Transition Training

If you are purchasing a new aircraft or transitioning to a model you haven't flown before, it's likely that a Ridgeline Instructor has experience in that model. Ridgeline will develop a custom training plan for you to ensure your success in the new aircraft.